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Seleksi dan Penerimaan

Cara Melihat Status Pendaftaran
Ariyatna Kurnia Ruditya

Ariyatna Kurnia Ruditya

Kab. Bogor

Saya merupakan lulusan dari Universitas Diponegoro jurusan Arsitektur yang memiliki fokus pada topik sustainability seperti Green Building. Saya juga senang menggali pengetahuan di luar bidang studi saya yaitu mengenai kewirausahaan dan bisnis.

Universitas Diponegoro

S1 Arsitektur IPK 3.93

Juni 2022
Green Building Certification Administrative Staff

Perum Perumnas Magang

April 2023 - Oktober 2023

1. Studied and analyzed more than 5 applicable government regulations regarding Green Buildings for the certification process. 2. Managed the collection, verification, and organization of documents required for green building certification processes. 3. Collaborated with assessors to identify and implement sustainable solutions to meet Green Building certification requirements. 4. Contributed to the company's achievement of securing 3 Green Building Certifications from the Ministry of Public Works and Housing

Staf Administrasi untuk Sertifikasi Bagunan Hijau Perum Perumnas

Perum Perumnas Magang

April 2023 - Oktober 2023
Retail Sales Representative

Warung Pendopo Pekerja Lepas

September 2022 - April 2023

1. Assisted customer upon entry with the best manners and handle all cash and digital transactions. 2. Established and maintained positive relationships with more than 20 repeat customers. 3. Conducted market analysis and assisted in setting up prices for certain products. 4. Increased store’s sales by 30% by expanding product lines to reach a broader audience.

Low Rise Building Division Intern

PT Hunian Digital Indonesia (Delution Architect) Magang

Desember 2020 - Februari 2021

1. Participated in interviewing 3 clients and performing site survey for the initial project management purposes. 2. Assisted the team in the process of project management according to the client’s vision. 3. Involved in making revision and improvement to 12 building design’s 3D in accordance with the client’s direction. 4. Organized 15 product presentations for clients in which contains design proposals and evaluations

Vice President of Entrepreneurship and Business Department

Architecture Student Association Amoghasida Organisasi

Desember 2018 - Desember 2020

1. Supervised 5 members in carrying out their responsibilites related to the work programs of the entrepreneurship and business department. 2. Managed “AMGHSD” clothing line which consist of 12 different clothing products as a way to help the organization financially. 3. Collaborated with public relations division in managing “Archipreneur” webinar entitled “Architecture Industry from Post-Pandemic Perspective” which was attended by 169 participants.